Do you think almost all operating systems are malware?WireLurker Apple Malware Targets Mac OS X Then iOSComputer Virus Attacks, Information, News, Security

Do you think almost all operating systems are malware?

It's fashionable to understand the viciousness of today’s computing only to declare resistance unthinkable. Many report that nobody could resist gratification for mere freedom and privacy. However it is not as hard as they say. We could resist

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WireLurker Apple Malware Targets Mac OS X Then iOS

A fresh number of spyware and adware emerged yesterday referred to as WireLurker, which is in a position to infecting products running both Apple’s mobile iOS platform and its desktop Mac OS X operating-system.

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Computer Virus Attacks, Information, News, Security

See the latest information on computer virus attacks and their removal.

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Web application security

Web application security is a division of knowledge Security that deals in particular with security of web sites, web applications and web services.

Web Security Basics - Beyond Security

SQL Injection Vulnerability In AOL

Severity: Critical
Vendor Status:Reported.The page has been removed
A very definitve SQL injection vulnerability found in the AOL website.When a malformed
input is injected in the URL parameter the relative information regarding database , tables
and various queries are displayed on the web page.

Orkut help search anomaly.

Posted On:November 2nd, 2006
The search bug or an anomaly of metacharacters again getting proliferating in google
services.This time the bug hits the orkut help search engine.If a long chain of meta
characters are spamdexed the search results occured very definitely.The point of
interrospection is that some time different search strings of metacharacters throw
same search.

Google metacharacter SpamDexing Bug – An Anomaly

Note:The Bug has been removed from the google search engine.
This analysis is based on the search engine bugs and anomalies.The anomaly is an occurrence of undesired result that originates due to some core problems persist in a search engine or the applied algorithms.This is due to the defective layout in search engine which causes anomaly or bug to occur.The empirical basis of working relies on the context in which is applied.

Why Do You Want Security Software?

When you are attached to the Internet you’re in fact linked to a network with lots of (100s of millions) of other customers. Regrettably, when something as large because this is shared, it’s available to abuse. On the web this abuse originates from cyber-terrorist and virus designers, whose intent would be to harm your pc and countless other personal computers around the globe.

How can you safeguard your pc system, keep the personal data private, as well as your computer protected from cyber-terrorist? You’ll need Security Software. Let us discuss the most crucial and demanding computer security software items everybody must have (and employ!) on their own PC.

AntiVirus Software

The foremost and most important component of your defense is Anti-virus Software. Without having any anti-virus software on your pc, you are in for several trouble. You will find presently greater than 50,000 infections around and 200 infections are discovered every month, therefore if you are not constantly safeguarding your pc from this threat with security software, your computer will end up infected.

Important: it isn’t enough to simply have anti-virus software running: your virus protection is just competitive with its last update. Most anti-virus solutions come with an Automatic Update option, but make certain it’s switched on!

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